Who We Are

We are a multicultural church in East Austin that welcomes all peoples as we worship our God and Savior.

The people at Church of the Violet Crown are diverse socially and culturally. Violet Crown is a bilingual church in English and Spanish, and it seeks to include worshipful expressions from a wide spectrum of cultural backgrounds, from Latino and Anglo to African and East Asian. We are passionate about seeing people grow into the likeness of Christ. Because of the gospel, the members of Violet Crown seek to serve, do justice, and care for the people and life of East Austin. We do this in many ways, including living locally, actively caring for the physical and emotional needs of our neighbors, door-to-door evangelism, community-geared seminars and more.

Our Vision

Participating in the Advancement of God’s Reign for God’s Glory and our Joy

Our vision is to participate with God as He extends His reign into people’s lives and homes, and into every sphere of life. This is what God is doing right now on earth. God is on a mission to reclaim His reign on earth by bringing all things under His gracious and glorious rule. We simply want to join Him in His work because God receives glory and His people find the utmost joy.

Our Mission

A Unified Church for a Diverse Community

East Austin is rapidly becoming more and more diverse. What was once predominantly an ethnically minority community, East Austin has experienced dramatic changes. As the Eastside wrestles with all these changes and its own identity, we want to serve the community to meet needs – spiritual and physical, individual and social – in the same way that Jesus did. Jesus drew people to Himself and He cared for them holistically. We seek to do the same.