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Why Does The Church Need Elders?

Why does the church need elders? This is a question that many people have asked us – perhaps you are wondering the same thing. To get at the heart of that question, we would actually first expand that question to this: Why has God designed the church to have elders? Why are they needed? There…

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Why Can’t Women Be Elders?

Let’s talk about some of the hardest verses in the Bible, and by that we mean the verses that say women cannot serve in the office of elders and of pastor. Why does the Bible make this restriction? Is it good? Is it bad? Does this restriction treat women as lesser than men? The best…


How Should You Treat Your Elders?

In last week’s post at The Art of Taleh, we talked about why the church should even have elders. This week, we want to address how you should treat your elders (pastor included) in response. FIRST, PRAY THAT THEY WOULD CONTINUE TO GROW AS A FOLLOWER OF JESUS (SEE HEBREWS 13:18). Pray for their marriages, for…

Psalm 121: The God Who Keeps

The Secret to Preservation

Do you wrestle with the idea of God keeping and preserving you through evil? This Art of Taleh Mini-Study teaches you the secret of spiritual preservation. Download the PDF, entitled “Psalm 121: The God Who Keeps,” here: This post was first published at The Art of Taleh on May 22, 2017, and special thanks to our…

Psalms Reading Plan

Psalms Reading Plann

Have you ever read through the Psalms? Now you can! Read through 30 well-known Psalms in 30 days using the Taleh approach. Click on the following link and download the PDF here:

Easter Continues

Easter Continues: The Start Of A New Family

This post-Easter devotion from the Art of Taleh serves to continue our reflection and thanksgiving of the significance of Christ’s resurrection. The Verses: John 20:17; John 1:11-13; and John 16:22-24. The Questions: What is the connection between Easter and family in these verses? How is the family unit defined? How is the family unit being…


3 Facts You Need To Know About Easter

This brief guide helps you answer the big questions about Jesus’ death and resurrection: 1. Where did Jesus go after He died on the cross? This question has generated a lot of speculation and confusion over church history. What has contributed to this confusion is a line from The Apostles’ Creed, which reads, “[He] was…

The Art of Taleh

Pastor Aaron and Dr. Michelle Reyes began a daily devotional blog in August 2016 called “The Art of Taleh”. To access it, go to: In this blog, Aaron and Michelle highlight literary units within Scripture and use “taleh” to analyze them. What this means is that, in any given passage, we will analyze the…