Past Events

CVC Christmas Party

Violet Crown Christmas Party

Join us for a Violet Crown Christmas party on Sunday, December 17th right after the service. We will have food, activities, games, and even a Christmas photo booth!

Sermon Series: Recovering the Heart of the Gospel

To commemorate this history-defining era, our sermon series this month will investigate the basic tenets of the Protestant Reformation, its 5 Solas and the relevance of these ideas for our lives today.

My Brother's Keeper

Sermon Series: My Brother’s Keeper

Join us this Sunday (Aug. 27) as we kick off a 5-Week Sermon Series entitled “My Brother’s Keeper: A History of Racial Hate, Love and Restoration from Cain to Charlottesville”.

The Manhood Project

Becoming the man God created you to be and that your family needs

Let’s Talk Event: Welcoming the Stranger: Refugees and Christians

“Welcoming the Stranger: Refugees and Christians” This Let’s Talk event will consider the current global, refugee crisis and how we are to think about it. Time will be spent on listening to the refugee perspective. It is our aim to hear from a current refugee living in Austin. From there, we hope to explore ways…

Taleh Class

The Gospel of John Revisited


Easter 2017

Easter marks the start of a new creation, a new family and a new mission. The story is all laid out in John 20. It was true then and it is true now. Join us this Sunday to learn how you can make a new start this Easter.