The way we achieve our vision is unpacked in our DNA.

Rooted in the Gospel  |  Rom 1:16

We are a church built and dependent on the gospel of Jesus Christ. What God has done in Christ is the bedrock of who we are and what we do. We are a church that plumbs the depths of God’s grace in order that we may give due adoration to God, be transformed more into Christ’s image, and better embody and communicate the gospel.

Driven by Discipleship  |  Matt 28:18-20

We spend our energy on disciple-making. Maturation in the faith does not come natural and nor does it occur passively. We believe that followers of Christ must be actively encouraged, challenged, and built up by other believers. Christian living, therefore, requires an intentional community. We profess discipleship not in word alone, but also in our actions.

Engaging All to Win Some  |  1 Cor 9:22

We strive to infiltrate our communities in order to reach the people that comprise them. We recognize that evangelism and missions is not something that solely happens on a Sunday morning. Rather, we believe that to reach non-believers, we must enter into their lives and proclaim in deed and word the validity of the gospel. We also are passionate about taking the gospel to places beyond our communities such that we partner with and send out missionaries to all corners of the earth.

Cultivating Unity in Diversity  |  1 Cor 12:12-13

We are a church that intentionally cultivates cultural, ethnic, and generational diversity. We are not a niche church, but a church of all people. We believe that such a church demonstrates the relational power of the gospel. We also recognize that every culture and generation can contribute much to the life, edification, worship, and mission of the church.

Committed to Serving  |  Matt 20:25-28

The kingdom of God is embodied in service to fellow believers and to the vulnerable. This requires much sacrifice as we strive to meet people’s physical, material, and spiritual needs. We are a church that makes every effort to serve one another and our community.