5 Attributes of a Healthy Ministry

Seminar: 5 Attributes of a Healthy Ministry

Church of the Violet Crown, in collaboration with 5Stone Churches, is hosting a one-day seminar called “5 Attributes of a Healthy Ministry”.

Come hear from Gordon Zwirkoski, Director of 5Stone Churches, and Pastor Aaron Reyes, the Lead Pastor of Violet Crown, as they talk about integrity, authenticity, trust, leadership and service.

Things they will discuss include: How are these attributes the mark of a healthy ministry? How can you discern these attributes in your church? Are you contributing to the health of your local ministries? If you feel that a ministry is unhealthy, how do you respond?

This seminar is free and open to anyone in ministry or interested in ministry.

Please register for the event here by filling in your name, email and a quick word on how many people are coming with you.

See you at Mission Possible on Friday, November 3, 2017 from 6:30-9:00 PM!

5 Attributes of a Healthy Ministry


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