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Psalm 121: The God Who Keeps

The Secret to Preservation

Do you wrestle with the idea of God keeping and preserving you through evil? This Art of Taleh Mini-Study teaches you the secret of spiritual preservation. Download the PDF, entitled “Psalm 121: The God Who Keeps,” here: http://www.theartoftaleh.com/the-secret-to-preservation/ This post was first published at The Art of Taleh on May 22, 2017, and special thanks to our…

Psalms Reading Plan

Psalms Reading Plann

Have you ever read through the Psalms? Now you can! Read through 30 well-known Psalms in 30 days using the Taleh approach. Click on the following link and download the PDF here: http://www.theartoftaleh.com/psalms-reading-plan-2/