How To Talk To Your Kids About Race

How To Talk About Race With Your Kids

Michelle Reyes, Ph.D. and wife of Pastor Aaron Reyes, has written an article for Christianity Today Women, entitled, “How to Talk About Race with Your Kids: Children naturally notice differences—and that is a good thing.”

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“My toddler is incredibly aware of the fact that his mommy is brown. He is really into colors right now, and we’re constantly talking about them. I ask him questions like, “What color is that ball?” and “What are the colors of your blocks?” and he happily shouts out, “Yellow! Blue! Red!” But when it comes to something that is brown, like our weekly garbage truck or a teddy bear, my son doesn’t just say the color. He identifies it while also pointing to my skin.

The first time my son did that I was both delighted and shocked. I replied to him, “Yes, you’re right. Mommy is brown.” I am an East Indian woman, and while I’m proud of my heritage, it’s not something that is always at the forefront of my mind. Yet here was my son, reminding me of my ethnicity and appearance, and I realized that these were issues I needed to address with him more directly.

I have a profound opportunity to teach my son the deeper meaning behind the colors he loves. We live in a multiethnic world, and it is both my privilege and my duty to help my son understand and navigate it…”

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